Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Thing 8...Update on Evernote vs. OneNote

"Our next next task is to become proficient with our chosen tools. Use them consistently and with great skill and share the knowledge with others."--from Thing 8, 2011

When last I posted on organizing tools, I was torn between Evernote and Microsoft OneNote, each with distinctive advantages and drawbacks (outlined in my previous post). I've been using both throughout the year, and I can tell you truthfully that it is driving me to distraction. I hate having two different places storing all my notes!

Over the course of the last year, a couple of improvements have been made in both applications, alleviating their biggest challenges.  OneNote now has an android app; Evernote now syncs across the school district firewall.

So which did I choose? I am now committed to Evernote. It goes back to my quote above--needing to use one app consistently, learn it well, and share it with others. While my school district is tied to Microsoft, almost no one uses or has invested training in using the OneNote application. At this time, sharing notebooks is not a huge priority and while OneNote holds a distinct advantage in sharing, it's lack of being freely available to multiple users offsets that advantage quite a bit. Okay, the app is free, but to use the computer software, MS Office 2010, with the app, it must be purchased. I think that I'd rather become proficient with Evernote and share that with others, without worrying whether or not they have access to Microsoft software on their computer.

I do like the look/feel of the the OneNote "notebooks" and the organizational ability of MS OneNote is tops, however, Evernote does work well and I find nothing wrong with orgainzing within Evernote (though it isn't as colorful.)  PS:  The new Evernote app is cool too!

I like the "Clip to Evernote" plugin for Chrome, though I haven't used the OneNote plugin for Chrome, the one in IE works well. I rarely use IE though, so that was definitely not a factor.

But the clincher? The reason for the total switch? LiveScribe! Up until a couple of weeks ago, I was still waffling. I really like both pieces of software. I have no major drawbacks with either, though I tend towards the Evernote app because it is not tied to Microsoft. However, at a recent conference, Leslie Fisher demonstrated the LiveScribe pen and it's new ability to sync with Evernote. I was sold, lock, stock and barrel.  Now, I just need to get me one of those pens!

Coke vs. Pepsi, Kindle vs. Nook, PC vs. Mac, IE vs. Chrome, Evernote vs. OneNote...in the end, I think it will always boil down to a sometimes indefinable personal preference. What's your choice?


  1. Hi!

    Found this post searching the web, and also found out that the LiveScribe pen also syncs with MS OneNote (as well as a handful other programs).


    1. Now I'm really torn...lol...thanks for the updated info!

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