Sunday, July 17, 2011

Thing 1

I often get crazy great ideas whilst clicking around on the Internet...and today was no exception as I caught up on my Google Reader feed and caught Librarian By Day's Top 10 post.  Man this girl is good!  I love following her blog and can highly recommend it to any and all out there wanting to be informed in our profession.  'Course, there's a lot of other great stuff and I find that too, but today, Bobbi's post brought me to 23 Things for Professional Development.  Professional development, especially leadership, has been on my mind and in my reading for the last couple of years.  We've been focusing on it at work, and I've been particularly interested in the librarian's role in leadership. Interested in a hands on, what can I do today, kind of way.  Asking myself all the time, "How can I be a better me?"

Now we have a familiar format (i.e. 23 Things) applied to professional development.  I'm so in...though late (yes, those that know me are not surprised)...and hoping, really hoping, this helps center me professionally.  I have a huge personal digital presence, but am almost nonexistent professionally online.  I have a lot to offer, but no platform from which to begin.  As I move forward through the steps, developing a personal brand seems like it will be my hardest challenge.  Any tips?

I'll keep this blog going professionally, though it begins with 23 Things.  I like the name.  I was dubbed best "bookatarian" by one of my small patrons and it makes me smile each time I see or hear the word.  Wishing smiles to each of you this week too!

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