Saturday, July 23, 2011

Thing 5-Reflection

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I jumped into the Things with both feet and took off running trying to catch up and be on the same week as "scheduled".  In my rush to learn, do, see, read and meet others along the way, I think I missed the point just a bit.  The have an online, digital presence that is both authentic and professional while networking with other professionals in the field and exploring a variety of digital tools in the process. In my hurry, I've simply dipped my toes in the water of the web rather than plunging in and really taking a look around.  

There is a reason that a week is allotted for each Thing (or two).  Having time to truly absorb each part and sort through what works best for me (i.e. Twitter vs. Pushnote) would make a world of difference in...well, in a couple of ways.  Like not feeling overwhelmed and not spending hours each day trying to catch up. (Do you think the laundry is offended that I totally blew it off?)  Instead, while I am getting the hang of Twitter just a bit, I popped in over at Pushnote, took a look around and said, "Later."  I never even gave it a fair chance. I know, no matter what, this is an ongoing process and will never be finished, especially in this ever changing world wide web.  However, remembering to stop and truly explore the online tools and develop those professional relationships fully will pay off so much more in the long run than simply getting through the Things.  

Each posting so far has been both revelation and reflection, but it has been nice to sit back and reflect on where I am now and how I want to handle the remaining weeks. 

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