Monday, June 11, 2012

Thing 7-Revisited

(You can find the first part of this post here.)

It's been and exciting and busy year, and yes, I was able to meet my real life networking goals by becoming involved as a building rep for PAGE and yes, I managed to join GLMA.  Yay!

One of the most exciting things I tried to do was to encourage others in my district to join or increase their own involvement with professional organizations as well.  At our fall meeting I issued a challenge to: Explore, Join, Participate and Share.  And guess what?  Many did!

Unfortunately, I was not able to stay at the end of year district meeting due to a conflict in my schedule, so my goal next year will be to host a meetup or two to compare notes, share experiences, and generally support each other as kind of our own real life network.  Oh! Well I do sort of have that with my awesome and amazing cluster group of media specialists, but I'd like to see it reach across grade levels and schools as well.

On another note, I was asked if I would volunteer with the GAETC conference! It was quite serendipitous, but I'm glad to lend a hand and hope to have more information soon on the details.

I joined CASIE as part of our continuing goal of becoming an IB World School and, while not active, I've gotten some great ideas for supporting language learners in our school library.

Now I've about reached my saturation point for professional organizations!  Next year will be a year to coordinate and balance my participation and involvement while encouraging others to share their experiences and information with each other.

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