Monday, July 18, 2011

Thing 2

Exploring the blog world has been a learning experience, even for a proud geek girl like me.  After successfully registering my blog last night, I jumped right in exploring a few of my fellow cpd23er's. The list of blogs is rather daunting, but a neat tool (and new for me), Delicious, really helped with sorting and prioritizing where to start.  Here is where I learned the importance of a great blog title. With all the sorting features available, I still clicked on blog titles that caught my eye or had personal meaning to me.  I pretty much stayed away from the ones that seemed to be titled just for this workshop, though that is probably unfair as most create blogs simply to work through the exercises and then put their learning into practice with a new blog.  Still, I couldn't help myself and a I looked for blogs that seemed to have great titles.

This project is based in the UK, so quite a few participants are from the UK.  I love that I will get to interact with librarians from across the pond!  I am completely ignorant of librarianship in other countries, so, wow, global connections.  Love this.  I did eventually select a couple of blogs from the good ole USA too.  I also tried to choose some blogs from the public school setting, though I like that there are so very many kinds of librarians in so many places.

I read a lot and subscribed to a few feeds for Google Reader.  Haven't tried this yet?  I have found that Google Reader makes managing my blog list so much easier and convenient.  Along with the app, it makes keeping up with the blog community painless and portable.  Just to keep me on my toes, I learned how to create folders today as I wanted to organize the cpd23 blogs together for reading convenience.  The list will change as I continue to explore the cpd23 blog community, but I wanted to cheer when I found Libraries Are Dead.  "Libraries are dead. Long live the library," is quite a rallying cry and I hope that the author offers us more in the future.  It's a Library Thing made it to Thing 3 and has blogged her journey.  Love the tagline, "the quest is constant", on her blog.  The others I chose were late starters like me, and so limited in postings for now.  I'll choose some older blogs as the week progresses, and hopefully, gain insight into my own cpd23 journey.

Photo slideshow in the sidebar courtesy of Library Day in the Life on Flickr.


  1. Hi! Thanks for the blog comment. I've been a little slack on my CPD23 things the past few things because we're headed for vacation soon, but I've enjoyed it so far. The best part is connecting with other librarians. Great to "meet" you and look forward to hearing more as we CPD23 together:)

  2. Love connecting with other librarians! One thing this project is doing is stretching me right out of comfort zones. Have a wonderful vacation!